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I remember several sites making a big deal about the news (not sure where they came from) that the gamepad mic could not be used for in game chat. Well while playing Black Ops 2 if you plug in a headset that has no mic it activates the gamepad mic and you can use it for in game chat. Also if you have earphone that have an inline mic like the ones that come with an iphone you can plug those in and use the inline mic, it works, that is what i been using. This site should aknowledge that this was a false rumor and let everyone know.



That's great

Thanks for the heads-up!

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Well of course it was gonna work you would have to be a fool to think it wouldn't



Acknowledged! Thanks, @AgenTxH

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Great tip man thx!



Thanks cuz I was def confused. Still not sure why you even have to plug headphones in to use the built in mic


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Woah, this is actually neat.
Spread the word everybody.

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Wait so to clarify... I can plug any old pair of headphones into the pad and suddenly the mic turns on?


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Whats a gamepag?

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