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Hey guys,
I'm new to the forums, but I've been reading the site for a few months. So, I've got my Wii U today and after starting up Nintendo Land, I immediately got a strange feeling. Then I realized, that the sound of the TV comes a few milliseconds after the sound in the gamepad. When the Nintendoland guide speaks, I hear it like an echo, first from the gamepad and then from the TV.

Has anybody else noticed that? Or is it some kind of problem with my Wii U or TV? Any suggestions?


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It seems spot-on on my TV, I like the surround sound-ish effect

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It'll be the lag you're getting from your TV. It's because the image is streaming to your Gamepad faster than it is to your TV. I'm no good with input lag on TV's, but I can assure you its not a problem with your Wii U.



Ask @Waveboy, he'd know about this stuff

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Ancashinji wrote:

Did you try and listen to the guide (Monita?)? Is the voice heard on the gamepad a little bit earlier than on your tv? Or is it exactly simultaneous?

Thanks for your answer!

They are perfectly in sync, at exactly the same time.



It is disapointing, but it's not game breaking I suppose. I'd just play with the volume turned down a bit.



I have my Wii U hooked up through a home theatre receiver, but the sound from the surround sound speakers and the GamePad seem to be simultaneous to me.


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@Ancashinji: More information is needed if you want help like your type of TV and the settings you currently have your TV set at.

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Mine has done the opposite about twice now, where my Gamepad is behind a second or least I think that's how it happened...

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I've heard this might be the result of your TV trying to enhance the video/audio. It isn't noticeable with any other devices because there isn't anything to compare it to, unlike the Wii U's Gamepad. See if your TV has a "Game Mode" of sorts, and enable it.

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mine sounds perfect too its like suround sound or 3d sound haha

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remember: sound doesnt travel as fast as light. the Gamepad speaker and the TV speakers are at a different distance from the receiver (your ears). And the effect gets more pronounced when that distance increases (see Doppler effect) With speech, like Monita for instance, this results in a surround sound-ish kind of phasing effect. With rythmic music, it will sound awful and out of sync.

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