Topic: Wii U Gamepad suddenly stopped working...

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Microwaves fix everything



Lunapplebloom wrote:

It worked! My gamepad is back in business. Thanks for the help everyone. Looks like I won't be needing to send this into Nintendo, at least for now anyways.

sorry for digging out an old topic, but i'm having a similar problem now! how did you fix it? Unplugging the battery for a several hours?
I can't believe it was microwave like MAB is saying, was it? haha


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Hi I am having the same problem what was the fix?



@wayneberry: When I first got my Wii U,the Gamepad worked fine for 1 day then just went dead,nothing.Read some one online saying it could be a loose battery connection,so just remove the battery,leave it out for a few minutes then put it back in as it was.That worked for me thankfully.It's easy enough to do,just need a size zero screwdriver to get the back off.Good luck

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