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Hello i had ideas on a new gamepad for wii u
in soloutions
for the gamepad breaking
tell me what you think and if you like please do what you can to get nintendo to know about this
so my idea is a brand new handheld console another 3ds persay
but its shaped like a gamepad and theres two modes or three if it counts
1. 3ds mode a mode where the gamepad turns into a 3ds or they can make it into a different platform its self and your thinking
theres no second screen theres no point
i had this planned out
so the second screen would be in a tray inside the bottom of the game pad witch holds the second screen for when you do and dont need it
2. wii u mode of course changes it to gamepad (normal) if you have ideas then submit
3. tv 3ds/wii u mode so basiclly this mode would have the game pad the bottom screen of 3ds and tv top screen kinda like vita tv
and the wii u turns as small as the ds so say your bro wants to play xbox and you want to play zombie u three screens think about it this would give the power to play zombi u off tv so the third screen the tray would show inventory ect ect
and be accesed in tv control
press tv control menu:
tv control
mode select>gamepad (normal mode)
3ds mode
ds u (the zombi u concept)
ds tv (play 3ds on tv) thank u for reading hope you liked)
oh and when on 3ds mode its portable


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You lost me at

the gamepad turns into a 3ds

And, just to reiterate @supermario182...

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havokpants wrote:

Hello i had ideas on a new gamepad for wii u, the first being to sell a gamepad separately in-case your existing Wii U gamepad breaks and needs to be replaced. So my idea is a brand new handheld console, rather like the 3DS, but it's shaped more like a Wii U gamepad.
1. The first selling point for this new handheld console would be 3DS backwards compatibility, which would be accomplished by sliding a tray out of the bottom which contains the second screen.
2. The second selling point would be Wii U backwards compatibility. Given that the controller is already shaped like a gamepad, it should be obvious how this works. I'd love to hear more input on this in particular.
3. The system would be portable as well. With this setup, you would have three screens to work with instead of only two, allowing your inventory to be pushed to the supplemental 3DS second screen.

Honestly, I think the next Nintendo console will be something designed to be played either in conjunction with a Television, or on the go like a handheld. In that respect I'd have to agree with you. It just makes good business sense too, as the manufacturing costs of the kind of consoles in demand is outstretching the worth of the console at retail, and they could have all of their first and second party developers working on the same device.

However, three screens? Why? I'd say if the whole thing is going to be like a tablet, just display the two emulator screens on the gamepad. You'd get a smaller viewing area, but it would be more similar to the original device, and it would incentivise the purchase of new, exclusive games that use the entire screen. Heck, you could probably emulate a 3DS game with the Wii U right now if Nintendo thought that was a good idea, just using the television as the top screen and the gamepad as the bottom one. But, it would not be in 3D, it would have horrible resolution, and certain games that assume the screens are connected for a single dual screened image would look awkward with the screens now separated.

At first, I thought this was going to be a topic about gamepad use ideas, like new asymmetric games... oh well.



You know what I think would be a great idea for the gamepad, an add on that will allow DS, 3DS and gameboy games to be played through the gamepad. There's you second analog stick and the gamepad and TV would work like the two screens.

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I'd love a GBA player equivalent on the Wii U that played 3DS/DS games. Not sure how the resolution would carry over, but I don't really care. Sounds like a system seller to me.


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You heard it first here, if that happens, it was my idea lol.... JK. But for reals, it was my idea. I'd better get a cut Nintendo!

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