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Topic: Wii U gaining some sales !

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Phatosaurus wrote:

I don't think sales with sky rocket immediately after E3. The games that every body want to play still won't be available the day after E3. I can't see millions of people running out to buy the system now and leave it to collect dust until 3D Mario and Smash Bros are out.

I'm not saying the sales won't pick up. I believe they will towards the end of the year, however unless the Christmas line-up is spectacular and their marketing is on point, I don't see them selling more than 2-3 million consoles.

I agree with this but I think we might see a bit of a bump. It's a much easier sell when you know there will be Mario, Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3 before the end of the year. Shiny trailers ontop of that. Pikmin 3 is for the end of this month remember so there's plenty of reason to get one now.

Significantly more than there has been thus far.

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Wii U is showcased at Disneyland across US FROM JUNE TO SEPTEMBER.
It will hopefully gain some sales and at least people noticing the Wii U !!!

  • E3 and awesome games. It can only go better for Wii U !
    Let us keep those fingers crossed !!

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I am really optimistic following the E3.

Families this Christmas will face the following console:

(1) Wii U that plays all the old Wii games
(2) New Super Mario Bros. Wii
(3) Lego City Undercover
(4) Wario
(5) Wii Fit U
(6) Wii Party U
(7) Sonic Lost World
(8) Super Mario 3D World
(9) Donkey Kong HD
(10) Zelda Wind Waker HD
Sonic and Mario Olympics? More Lego titles? Just Dance title etc.

I am purposely not including here all the 'hardcore' games. Not even including Pikmin 3.

Any way you look at it, this is an amazing lineup for the holidays for this console that I doubt many will pass up.

Should completely solve Nintendo's problem.

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