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Wii U Sales for March Leaked
"The five weeks between March 3 and April 6 Nintendo only sold 67,000 consoles, which is 3,000 more sales than February."

brooks83 wrote:

Judging by the sales of the Wii U, I'd say most people could care less about a tablet controller. I think a lot of people consider it a gimmick.

"However, the good news is, the system is selling only about ten percent less than what the Xbox 360 and PS3 did five months into their launch."

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all of these threads will be hilarious in a year or 2

also not an offense to the thread creator but people need to stop having a shallow-puddle understanding of anything. Ok? Can you do that? kthx

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I kinnda know where the author is coming from, but I see this as a problem with the games industry in general and not just a nintendo thing.

My favorite console of all time is the dreamcast and to this day I don't believe anything can touch it, sometimes for weeks and even months all I play is my dreamcast, and then I get to wondering why did I spend my cash on all this other stuff.

When I bought my wii u, I didn't buy it for games like assassins creed or mass effect, and although their pretty good games it wouldn't have bothered me if they were not on the wii u.

I want to play the innovative games like the exclusives that the wii had, like redsteel 2, last story, xenoblade, pandora's tower, mario galaxy, skyward sword, silent hill shattered memories e.t.c

And as long as the wii u gets THOSE kind of games then I'll be happy with it.



I'm still not excited for the Wii U either. But who knows? I might get interested if they released great games. So far it's a bit light...

I'm also a bit lost about their ideas behind the Wii U. Its not a bad idea to make the tablet streams from the console. The tablet will be less expensive, more light, better battery... but at the same time, the screen is a bit small (I like off screen play, i would enjoy more on 8', 10' inches), and the quality not impressive compared to what you can have on real tablets (resolution). But you can't move out too far from the console. So it feels a bit strange compared to a normal tablet.

The personality of the console is boring also. White, Black, and shiny -_- it's not fun... The console itself is a bit big to me... there isnt even and hardrive inside...

The graphics capabilities are what bothers me the less kind of... I know they can do great things with this hardware already... but won't be able to compete later, maybe they will have to stay more in the fun, casual market rather than the huge immersive and big budget games. If they can keep good framerates and clean look, it should be ok.

Its like Wii U is a console in the middle of everything. Not impressive, not bad. Half a console, half a tablet. They don't even have a proper account system, and their virtual console is under exploited. The Wii U eShop however is promising, if they keep the pace in time.

My history with Nintendo started with the Nes, which was very popular. It wasn't good either when you think about it. Graphics were bad, and there was a lot of junk games. But how can you forget those controllers, sounds, and amazing games series that started here. Then I grew up with the Supernes, which made everything better. Colors, musics, tons of great games. And I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the Mario 64 demo on tv. This 3D feels. It was first time, and I was a kid. It's not first time anymore and I'm not a kid (well to be discussed) anymore either. I'm bit hard with the new Nintendo maybe.

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first you shouldn't think of the controller as a tablet. It is basically a controller like the Xbox or Playstation has just with an added screen. It wouldn't make any sense to take a Xbox controller far away from you system to play it. The GamePad is not a Tablet, it is a video game controller. I think Nintendo should focus more on the GamePad being a controller and not a Tablet.

The complaint about the system colors... what console doesn't come in black or white? The only ones I can think of are special ones, like the Halo Xbox 360.

It is true that the Wii U won't be able to compete with the PS4 and Durango Graphically but Game Development Budgets are too high as they are. With the added amount of 4K resolution and the extra power from the PS4 and Durango, game budgets are going through the roof. Did you know that Tomb Raider which sold about 2 million wasn't profitable? That is ridiculous. So basically Wii U is giving Developers an option to keep their Budgets low and still put out fantastic software.

They have said they are working on real account systems, but yes I do agree they need them. (although it doesn't bother me than much)

Some of your points are valid, I am just trying to give you another way of looking at it.

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Tomb raider sold 3.4 million in the first three weeks and it wasnt profitable.

The club nintendo system works fine as is for now in my opinion regarding this "accounts" hubaploo



I'm not looking for game like tomb raider. I don't want those hollywood tastless games to be the future of gaming. This game is not next gen btw and could work on WiiU.

It's always hard to discuss about this on forum. Cause everyone has his opinion and fight for it. I realize that I'm on a Nintendo forum. But when I hear that the club nintendo is fine for example, it makes me sad... I like Nintendo, they are able to do great games and I grew up with them. But it's not because I got a Nintendo system that I will convince myself that everything that they are doing is great. Nintendo still has magic, but please, don't tell me nintendo online system is good... don't tell me it's excellent that with the Wii U I won't be able to play the next GTA, the next MafIia, or Red Dead that will be announced soon or later I guess. I'm very happy cause if my console burn or I got a new one I have to call Nintendo center to download games I paid more than the disc I found in the store. I'm glad there are only so few games to chose, I can save a bit of money... Oh and it's a pleasure to pay for megaman 3 times... etc...

And beside New Super Mario Bros U... (which after the other new super mario bros doesn't appeal to me like a game I can not miss at any price), what's on the system right now ? I don't mean in some months, but right now ? Lego city ? It seems a good game. Get a new video game console only to play those... ? Hmm I need a bit more to spend 300.. (without the games)

I see it as a failure, in its state now. But who knows as I said, maybe some games later will make me forget the details i'm focusing on. Or maybe it's the price which is wrong... It's like paying the same price than the PS3. Except the ps3 I got it some years ago. and it's doing almost the same, without the Nintendo games :/

Anyway for those who bought it, you had your reasons, the console must have an appeal to you so I'm not asking you to feel guilty for it. Its just my point of view... and I gave it in the shy hope that if Nintendo hear that some people aren't really impressed by their effort, they will try a bit harder... Hmm I think they heard it cause the sales aren't the best... hopefully they will wake up.

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