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I am looking to hookup with other players that will have a Wii U at launch. Please post your ID's or Mii's or whatever.... I am actually unsure what you will use to link to other players? I guess You'll use whatever gamer info you make up when you set up your Wii U. I'd love to use the video chat on the Wii U controller and see other players and hear them! So I guess I am looking to add Wii U friends to my console when I get it Sunday. Post your info here when your Wii U is hooked up and ready to go.



Keep a look out for Whopper744 ....or maybe Turbotastic744 (Wreck-It Ralph reference)...can't decide.

By the way, what all needs to be done to change my username here?
How can I let everyone know it's me?

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Try out my Super Mario Maker stages at well! Here's one to start : F98B-0000-0022-0753
(used to be Joshers744...)

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@Joshers744 - It's really easy. Just click "Edit Profile" at the top of the page and change the "Username" to whatever you want. Please note that you will have to wait 90 days before you can change it again. I hope this helps.
Also, there is a thread that you can post your new identity on. You might also want to put you old name in your signature.

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I foresee what you'll do there.
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Good idea, but wrong section of the forums — here's a thread in the correct area where you guys can start hooking up beforehand if you want. Have fun :3

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