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Hey NL community !

My Wii U is bugging with Darksiders 2, Death just keeps on making circles on the screen and there's nothing I can do about it .. -_- Been like this for the past 20 min ..
Is UNPLUGGING really the ONLY way to shut it off .. ??? I have bad memories with unplugging consoles ..
Thanks in advance !!

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Perhaps one of the analogue sticks has been moved out of it's neutral position? I remember on the Wii you could fix this by unplugging and re-plugging the device (classic controller, nunchuck..) from the Wiimote, but i'm not sure how to fix it with a WiiU.
Is there a way to turn the controller off without turning off the main system?



i would say, 1st try recalibrate your controler (home menu) if that does nor fix the problem, reconnect everything on your wiiu (unplug), be sure to posotion your sensorbar, so your within 2-3 meters. Hope it helps



Have you tried to taking it out of the freezer?

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Then go outside and cut yourself some wood and start a fire under the WiiU... It seemed to work for me mate

Press the home button and go to the gamepad options and turn it off then press any button to start-up the controller again. If yer can't do that then just pull the plug on that mofo... Everyone else does except the MadAussieBro

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