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I recently ordered this Wii/Wii U USB ethernet adapter off Amazon only to find out it doesn't work on my Wii or Wii U. Which is stupid because it clearly advertises that it DOES work on both systems. Nintendos official website doesn't seem to sell them anymore either. So I'm wondering if someone can point me to one that DOES work, please only post one if you own it yourself and know that it works or you have a friend that has the same one. My MK8 is just way too laggy on my WiFi connection



I use this one, works for me (tried it on both a Wii and Wii U) and it's cheap:

I guess you'd need to search for a Canadian retailer for it though.

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The official ones are probably hard to find at this point but they should be coming back since they recommended using one when Smash Bros. for Wii U comes out.



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