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I understand that this may seem somewhat stupid and really.....unexpected but as much as I love the new "free to play capability" from nintendo's eshop, I would consider getting a Free to play MMORPG on a Wii U console.
Now, as far as the Gameplay would go, you would run around obviously with the analog stick, and if you want to hit a monster, you could maybe a first person perspective of the game on your screen, so if you click on the monster twice, like in most MMORPGs you would start attacking him. If you click on the monster then a layout pops up (you could customize transparency, size and position of it) and on the layout there would be the skills (whatever amount you would like) and options, info of the monster, and for example; if you got loot from the monster before, then you could check what he drops and with what percentage, etc. Of course you will see the life bar of the monster, and when you hit him the damage pops up and so on. The visuals though, as it is a console MMORPG would have to be appealing, be it a Chibi/Anime/Realistic style like game. An example for a good appealing Chibi MMORPG would be Grand Fantasia, Anime; RaiderZ and Realistic; Allods Online. I would add cool animations to it and make a huge world/skill tree and customization to make it somewhat interesting. I wouldn't really want a Pay to win MMORPG by any means, because every free to play I get, I play it FREE. But I wouldn't mind a little Item shop in-game or maybe even in the eShop to buy something like Appearance Change/Nickname Change/EXP Boost etc... This isn't something that I would die for on the Wii U (Such as 2014 Zelda) but it certainly would be nice to have. I would like to experience a non pay to win fun and engaging questing experience type of game on a console such as the Wii. I actually suspect people already starting their projects on such a game but I guess time will show.

Would you guys agree that there could be some sort of a game like that? What would you not agree with? Just checking. Also; if one game like this actually comes out, would you get it?

PS; The item shop will only give the game a little bit of budget but if the website becomes popular and there are ads; they will get budget from that. Also if it is a completely new game company, if they make a game/games like this then they would obviously gain their amount of popularity and people would buy games if they release any. Of course, if the previous were somewhat good

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Yeah as much as the PC/Apple fanheads might flame you with nonsense we can say that there will eventually be a developer or 2 that will actually give it a red hot go



We've got a thread here where users have already been discussing how an MMO would fare on the Wii U, you're more than welcome to share your thoughts with everyone in that thread if you like, WraithenChaos. Enjoy! :3

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