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Will the Wii U have an eShop, if so, what games? Would it have demos. Would it have Netflix? I have many questions for it, but these are the main ones. If anybody has the answer, please tell me.

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From what I gather, it will have an eShop.i imagine that Netflix will come preloaded along with Hulu Plus and Amazon. I know they seem to be working with these guys pretty closely. Actually, maybe not amazon considering the fact there were no preordering through the site.


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They will have an eShop (can't guarantee that will be the name but I know it will exist). Netflix has been confirmed as well. Virtual Console is up in the air but there have been a few digital games confirmed (Cloudberry Kingdom comes to mind). As for demos... most likely it will depend on developers. Though I'd love Nintendo to require demos like Microsoft does!

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If you go to the demo units set up, you can see a blacked out Eshop icon on the menu, meaning that there is an eshop.

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Thanks guys.

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