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Frontier Developments is running a kickstarter for a followup from three games from the 80's and 90's (

The creater has said that he would like to bring the game to next generation consoles down the line and all though this kickstarter is for the PC game it's still worth reading about the game and salivate over what's to come and even contribute if your interested in the PC version - there are still some £20 game slots free which gives you the basic game (not including expansions but there is a higher pledge for that). Since there is only a one time fee for multiplayer you really get a lot for your money.

Anyway I would love to have this game on Wii U at some point - zooming in, out of the milky ways star system chart and using the touch screen to select the info I want - choosing the star I want to travel to, flipping trough game missions, bulletin boards, stock market lists, shipyard upgrade and repair choices with everything else that's also possible (all this could be done with the mouse and icons etc on screen in "Frontier: Elite 2" - the bulletin boards had the missions and job applications and people buying and selling things with different prices then the stock market section etc etc etc).

I personally still consider Frontier: Elite 2 to be one of the best games ever made. Notch (creator of Minecraft) is working on a similar game "0x10c" - he has said on twitter that Frontiers game will probably be better then his based on their track record and he is also supporting the game on kickstarter.

You choose yourself how to make money in the game and keep upgrading your ships weapons, defenses and everything else. In Elite 2 you could track space travelers with a hyperspace cloud analyser to help you assassinate those with a mission you'd chosen that for. You could have mining colonies, use a bounty hunter computer to know if some attackers had bounty and with this hardware you would also be able to collect the bounty price instantaneously. There's so much more to mention but just head over to the site and read about the new game and watch some videos and read the info about it.

This game really needs to be made and I would love to play it on the Wii U down the line. I can't think of a better game then this to support Nintendos latest hardware with the Wii U Gamepad - imagine you controlling a laser turret and aiming freely at an attacker flying by (just like in Star Wars Episode 4) and firing and destroying your target.



That's what I want from FRONTIER for a long time.

I showed support by buying Lost Winds 1 & 2 on WiiWare, even though I wasn't interested in these two games. However, I ended up liking them.
I always wondered if a WiiWare version of Elite was possible. But if they could cram that vast universe into a C64 and NES game, then they could certainly cram the whole of it into a WiiWare game as well.

My hopes are certainly up for a Wii U version now!
Flying through the universe with motion sensoring watching the space around you would really compliment the touchscreen controls for all the menus and is definately a perfect fit for Wii U.


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