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This was from a video that Gamesrader did going over the Wii U. Between this, the netflix app, and the usinv the Gamepad as a TV remote it seems ninte do may be more serious than some thought in the foray to have an all in one in the living room.

My thing is my bias aside I don!t think nintendo can pull this off well for a varitey of reasons and while this is great in the long run I can't zee nintendo getting much traction where other bigger guys have failed.


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Those are only on the dev kits. They're for the controllers, which were originally not wireless.

Put your analyst on danger money, baby.


post #3496 corroborates what Zaphod has told us — that's apparently one of two gamepad ports (that thread also has smaller images, for anyone like me dealing with a small screen resolution).

that said, please feel free to hold off with your inherent bias, shingi, until Nintendo officially announces such a feature for the Wii U.

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