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It's no secret for anyone that Nintendo and the Wii U have a pretty big DLC issue right now and this doesn't seem to be a problem on the developers or publishers side, at least not entirely.

Not a single game has released with DLC available on day one, even games that were already out and DLC for others, like Just Dance 4, had to wait over a month to have DLC available.

Now people have been pointing fingers at publishers and developers alike, and they keep giving cryptic or incomplete answers, or just avoid the question so who is really to blame? It looks like Nintendo is the one blocking day one DLC on the Wii U for no reason. Every single Wii U game so far has launched without DLC and DLC only becomes available a couple weeks after the game releases, or the DLC comes in the disc, unlocked for free.

This might be the real reason behind the Just Dance 4 DLC delay, this might be the real reason why the Wii U doesn't get pre-order DLC for Arkham Origins and other games, and this might be yet another reason why EA is so mad at Nintendo right now.

Disclaimer: No, this isn't some sort of insider information. I am just posting my analysis of the current and ongoing situation with DLC on Wii U. I will however start asking around to people I know to see if they can shed some light on this.

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