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I just read that Norton Anti-Virus software to be sold on some Wii U units.. Do you guys know if PS3 and 360 have Anti-Virus software?

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>asking about Norton Antivirus

This feels like a setup...

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I had norton and wasn't a fan of it so hope that's not true.



If the Wii U had Norton on it it wouldn't be able to play games. Norton would consume every single resource the Wii U had.

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Where in the world did you hear that? :/

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Wherever its is that you read this, stop reading there

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I would honestly want a Wii U less if this was true.

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I seem to be the only one with a positive experience with Norton...



Last time I used Norton Security software, it nearly destroyed all of my computers/laptops that I had it installed on forcing me to reinstall the OS's on them. Lets just say I don't like Norton very much.

BTW op, can you give us a link to this "source" you heard this statement from? No video game console in history that I know of made the user use pre-installed security software. I call this BS unless it comes from Nintendo's mouth.

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We'd like some sauce with that, pl0x.



well i dont know about the other norton users that were having problems with it but i been fine with it so far im doing nothing more simple stuff thats legit not typing into looking for something i dont know about all the time in google * which i use to do some years ago* so as you keep it like that you should be fine lol

im going to have to say that it is false from the fact that for the wiiu to have norton would to claim that the wiiu is a very open system like a pc in that regard



The_Fox wrote:

If the Wii U had Norton on it it wouldn't be able to play games. Norton would consume every single resource the Wii U had.

preach it, my friend.

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I doubt it. I wouldn't even care since I have the all mighty mac.

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I would be getting refunds on my WiiU purchases when I went to pick em up. I'm not a Norton fan.



If this was true,I would wouldn't want a Wii U.

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