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What. Just Sniper Elite?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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For what its worth, that game appears to be pretty subpar regardless of the system it's on.

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Vooks gave it a review..... 2 stars. I don't know what you'd expect, it's a port of a game that only got 67% sans multiplayer. You don't need a review to tell you it's probably not worth getting.

As for people not reviewing it maybe they just didn't see the point. In Comparison Lego City Undercover has 65 reviews and the Wii U version of RE:Revelations has 15 compared to 23 for the 360. They are reviewing Wii U games they just aren't reviewing this particular Wii U game. Or they are reviewing it but nobody really cares enough to bother to submit them to metacritic.

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