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made up a baws Wii u commercial in my head ofc kaz im baws

so im playing super mario 3d world.

pleb enters room, probably a mother or something for tv.

says i want yo use tv, i say NP i got this, TV says look at wii u gamepad, as i change game over to that.

i switch TV over to cable and hand pleb remote, pleb says, what is that? i say, its alien technology.

yw nintendo now send me many free stuffs.

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WiiDSmoker's cousin has finally joined the forums!

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Another one of these threads? Sigh...


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yeah i dont smoke weed, i just thought the name was funny, i like puns. but then again is that silent bob on your avatar?

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Actual Wii U advertisement idea, see my signature and go to part 2.

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Warruz wrote:

Actual Wii U advertisement idea, see my signature and go to part 2.

are you saying my idea was bad? opinions are like blank everybody has one.

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My idea, Japanese Sumo walks into room of kids playing an Xbox One or PS4 and karate chops the system and it goes up in smoke and out of the ashes the Wii U appears and the kids say "Thank you Sumo Man!" And Sumo man can now take on the rest of the world! And he fly's away like superman.

Bam! Now that's an advertisement!

Oh and PS... Sumoman has to break through the roof as he leaves.

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@Klimbatize">@Klimbatize wrote:

WiiDSmoker's cousin has finally joined the forums!

talking about it what happened to WiiDSmoker? his thread was too funny!

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