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many people think that they'll be able to use their Wii U as a Handheld, you know, no console required? I wonder if this is possible. Post your thoughts here!



Nope. Otherwise it would be expensive.

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Yes, yes it is a handheld.

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No, the Wii U only has a certain bubble of connectivity before its too far and the controller can't reach the console. So no, it cannot be a handheld.


No if you were at home most of the time the game would require you to use the tv example zelda HD the wii u has your map and ietsm while the tv shows the actual game



Negative, the hardware is in the console. You can play games on the Wii U controller screen, but you need to stream it from the console. The disc is in your console, and it's also in the console where all the GPU, CPU and all the other fancy shorts exist. The Wii U controller would be much bigger, and much more expensive, if you were to be able to play games on it without having the actual console turned on nearby.



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