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Looking good enough to me. 60fps, smooth animations, and improved controls are all I really care about.

Wii Sports Baseball turned my 4 year-old son into a slugger as soon as he could walk, so Club Baseball is the game my household has been waiting for. Can't wait.




I can't wait to play online in boxing!


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I just got an update for this game, the version is now 4.1. Does anyone know what it does?

Dunno how I feel.

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Behold my dumb question!

Okay, it seems from this thread that buying the individual sports still earns you Deluxe Digital points.

However, looking at the Club Nintendo site, I only see the full game listed as being redeemable for coins. There doesn’t appear to be any way to buy the full game digitally without buying the without purchasing the sports individually. Does the survey become available once you get all the separate DLC?



Would anyone be up for playing some online today? I have all sports purchased so I'm fine with any of them. (I'm not very good at some though)

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