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I wish they'd go ahead an give up the top secret price. I like to pay stuff down over time at GameStop, so it doesn't break the bank on release day. If the system is REALLY supposed to be out by this Christmas, that only gives me like 5 months to pay it off. Plus you have games, accesories, and sometimes extra memory to buy with new consoles too.
If they come out with a jacked up whopping price like say....400.00+ I could still pay it down by Christmas, if I had an idea of the retai price now. Cmon' Nintendo you know EXACTLY how much the retail price for Wii U is......Don't spring it on me in Novemeber!!!



We wish they'd get around to announcing a price too, haha! As soon as we learn anything, it'll be front-page news, but until then, the Wii U Pricing thread is here if you'd like to discuss any rumors or speculation regarding its eventual price. Thank you! :3

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