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I never jumped onto the wii motion plus bandwagon - there were never enough games to justify buying the accessory or the new wiiremote+. I got the golden wii remote that came with Zelda, but I want to be able to use my other non wii motion plus removes for the Wii U.

Can I just buy the accessory that goes on the bottom of the remotes and use them for the Wii U?

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yes i'm sure that works also becuase all old controllers the wii can use wii u can also use

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I hope. -_______-

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It should work.
Wii Remote + MotionPlus == Wii Remote Plus.
Tends not to be quite as accurate though.


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Yeah. They are practically identical. No worries.


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i am pretty sure you can also just play with a normal wiimote.

reggie said that all 100million sold wiimotes will be usable for WiiU

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I'm also in the same boat. I don't own any WiiMotionPlus games. I got a Wiimote bundled with the Wii when it first came out, then I bought a spare so my friend and I could play games. Later on, I bought WiiPlay which came bundled with a free Wiimote (I was planning on buying a third Wiimote anyway, so I thought hey, a Wiimote and a 10 dollar game, that's a good deal). I also own two nunchucks, an original classic controller, and a black classic controller pro. I may also buy a spare Wii-U classic controller just it doesn't need to always be tethered to a Wiimote. With all of the newer Wiimotes already including MotionPlus technology, I'm really not sure how long they will continue to sell the MotionPlus dongles, and I don't want my Wiimotes to be completely useless for gaming.


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