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There are some things I would like in Wii fit U.
1.The idea of a online multi player where we can be in challenges with others around the world similar to Rayman legend Challenges app.
2.The Miiverse integration is nice feature have while running.
3.The Ability to make your own routine with all the activities in Wii U instead of strength and yoga.

If any of you guys have any more ideas post them here. What would you like to see in Wii Fit U?



About 1, not sure it will work, because it is about trust. You can easily cheat in these things. I'm not sure online is needed.
But I hope it comes out soon.
Not sure how they're going to market it with the pedometer while also offering it in the eshop. That's my concern because I would really want it as a downloadable title.

One thing they omitted last time was the simple kg to lbs conversion at any time, which I hope they do not this time.
Also, more food/drinks and customisable items to refer to how many calories you lost.
Expand with a lot more levels the bubble game, which is the most impressive game.
Add in Mario or other Nintendo icons to the mix.
Two player fitness games, one with wii remote and nuncuhk the other with the gamepad/balance board.

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I also would like to have a free choice of units and not be forced to use stones/pounds instead of kilos just because my region is UK.

I believe they are incorporating online in the form of custom Miiverse groups - I seem to recall Wii Fit U was specifically mentioned as leveraging this feature by having goal progress comparisons with select friends rather than everyone automatically.

I also thought the custom routines were too limited in Wii Fit Plus and would like to see that include some of the games which definitely have a fitness component to them in many cases. Mostly I just want it to be released already - I miss my morning Wii Fit exercises!

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an option for the thing to almost talk down to you. One, it would be pretty funny I think. Two, it might aggravate me to the point of working out. (I'm kind of joking with all this but...) I mean think about weighs you, and simply says "You're fat", and tells you to get off your lazy butt more often and quit eating 6 meals a day or something like that. I don't know...I thought it was a funny idea...

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Maybe not an online muti player but how about weekly challenges like Rayman legends. To post on miiverse as leader-boards.



I don't want any of these games I hate casual games like these.


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Forbsz wrote:

I don't want any of these games I hate casual games like these.

Thank you for this worthwhile thread contribution. Welcome to the forum!

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