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This is bad.

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Go home Nintendo, you are drunk!, but as long as we have 90% of the ssbb roster (taking out snake, sonic, and maybe lucario) and have all these added characters then I'm alright. I was also right about them making the train in spirit tracks as a stage.


Hopefully you get to use your Mii.

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That's an awesome character xD

Love the announcement trailer!

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SonicMaster wrote:

C-Olimar wrote:

Come on, is this really worth a precious character spot?
If there are no Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Fatal Frame, Sin and Punishment, Punch Out!! or Xenoblade characters then this is an absolute joke.
Smash Bros is a franchise for hardcore Nintendo gamers. We don't like Wii Fit.

1. Just imagine how many characters are going to be included, and how many have not yet been announced. I don't think character spots will be an issue.
2. Smash Bros. is a franchise meant for all gamers, casual and hardcore, and many people who play Smash Bros. also play Wii Fit. I for one think it's a original and rather funny choice; who knows, she might end up being one of the better characters.

1) Sakurai did say that the character roster would not expand... if there are only 35 characters and she's in it, it seems like a waster to me. However...
2) I honestly have to say that, after seeing her trailer, I am over this and find it hilarious!



This is dang hilarious! I hope they make this a commercial for TV. I think it would help sell more Wii U consoles as well as Super Smash Bros games, just for the comedy alone.

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Where did he say that the roster was staying at 35????

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Well at least we know who the WTF character of the game is going to be. XD

At first I was just at a loss for words, but now she's already grown on me. And hey, at least it's another female added to the roster.


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God I hope we see little Mac, this is just rediculous.

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Kizzi wrote:

Where did he say that the roster was staying at 35????

A while back. Look it up. Well, he didn't say precisely 35.
There may be a handful more, but it most likely won't be past 40. Nintendo has such a rich history of characters. A trainer from Wii Fit, though funny, should not be a priority.

Having said that, perhaps a great expansion of assist trophies (who only need one move) could offset a disappointing character roster.

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Im already irritated from the direct today this is just to really make me mad

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Terrible idea

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Just when I thought they couldn't top KH3, Nintendo pulls out a wild card. This is seriously amazing, I didn't even know I wanted her in smash, but I'm glad she's coming. I wonder if the guy will be in it too.


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I actually like this addition more than the AC Villager. This is just totally random & hilarious (Kinda like Mr. Game & Watch, IMO), while the AC Villager seems boring in comparison (not as epic as a Mario or a Link, while not nearly as offbeat as this Trainer or Game & Watch).


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I was actually very worried at first, but after I watched the trailer Ive decided I can live with it. Just please PLEASE do not put Monita from Nintendoland into the game!

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Melee had G&W, Brawl had ROB. Each one adds an unexpected, goofy character. Anyone upset should watch her trailer if they haven't already. Sakurai has always had the best sense of humor in gaming, and it is good to see him in top form.

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