Topic: Wii Fit Trainer announced for Smash bros

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Don't mind me, I'm just going to stand here with my eye twitching.

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Okay, I gotta say, when I first heard the news I was horrified.
But now I'm seeing the funny side of it all XD



If the Wii Fit trainer qualifies as a player in Super Smash Bros, then the character roster is either going to be huge or just plain weird.

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ANYONE can make it in. >:3



This is kind of random, but kinda humorous..

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I think it's brilliant.

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Watch as Wii Fit Trainer becomes the next MetaKnight...

This is just plain ridiculous and hilarious!

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Dev wrote:

I hope very much for the former.

I hope very much for the latter.

This is what I would've preferred from Playstation All-stars: honoring their weird history like Nintendo does for Smash Bros. Things like R.O.B. and Parappa are what I want to see.



Haha! I actually sort of love this. It will be used on online matches as a trolling character, no doubt. XD

But now just imagine, the roster is probably gonna be HUGE. So much so, that Sakurai was able to get more creative with choosing characters.

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It took a while for the bizarreness of this to wear off, but I'm starting to quite like the idea.

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You think that's crazy, I heard that orange square that greets you when you open the eShop is going to be Day 1 DLC.

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Now get the Duck Hunt dog in there and we'll have something here.

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