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I doubt that Dr. Eggman would be representing SEGA though. As Sakurai said, they are going to implement a low amount of 3rd party characters to focus the game on Nintendo characters. Sonic is always a better representation of SEGA and I doubt anymore inclusions from SEGA apart from Sonic after hearing the new announcements.

As a point of interest, what was the move list and Final Smash that you came up with?

As I said before, Isaac of Golden Sun on the other hand stands a much better chance. He was an assist trophy in Super Smash. Bros. Brawl and most importantly he is a first party character owned by Nintendo. He is the prime representative for his series which was one of the highest rated games on the GBA and also tried to return on the DS albeit with a new cast which was not a massive success. Isaac still held a major behind the scenes role as he is often mentioned throughout the game and is a guest party member in the tutorial.

Golden Sun was like a Final Fantasy RPG on the GBA and I hope they revive the series (GS 3 does not count, it was hardly as successful as GS 1 and 2 while it was also criticized and did not hold top ratings unlike its predecessors) starting with an inclusion of Isaac (not Matthew).

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Oh and Isaac for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS!


@Lasermaster123 I don't mean in the sense that he'd replace Sonic's spot, just join alongside him; since where would the series be without the mustached evil genius? He'd be the next Sonic character to deserve a playable role, contrary to those millions of Shadow and Silver fanboys out there.

But about his moves and Final Smash; I actually can't remember all of his moves, but I know I gave him a mixture of close and long-ranged attacks.

All regular moves would consist of him doing his own stylized punches and kicks.

His B-attack would be him pulling out Egg Blasters from a Sonic Riders cut scene (which are also weapons in a Phantasy Star game) and shooting them similar to Fox's blaster.

Left/Right B-attack would be him shooting both Blasters at once with noticeably larger laser balls.

His Up-B would be him gaining a jetpack with maybe some spikes attached on it, which can inflict damage if rammed into an opponent.

Down-B would be him pulling out classic Badniks like a Motobug, Buzz Bomber, or Burrobot and letting them loose. Having some control over them would be interesting.

As for his Final Smash, it would involve him summoning his Eggmobile; complete with the Wrecking Ball from Sonic 1, and he would got back and forth across the field while the ball is swinging lethally fast.

A guy can dream right?

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WebHead wrote:

Wii Fit Trainer's inclusion is making me want Wii Fit U lol.

Super Smash Bros. is great at advertising new game series for people to play. I may even give it a spin someday. It worked for me before for Kid Icarus, Kirby, and Ice Climber.

Anyway, I've now completely warmed up to the Wii Fit Trainer. She'll be a very interesting character to fight with, along with that little Villager. Sakurai sure knows how to make something different work!

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Best news in Smash history EVER!!!

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Dev wrote:

ianmage1 wrote:

If the Wii Fit trainer qualifies as a player in Super Smash Bros, then the character roster is either going to be huge or just plain weird.

I hope very much for the former.

I'd like both.
And next, gaze in awe at the newest addition to the Smash Roster!
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Everyone, let's have a round of applause for...
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Oh wait, we're already using that one? Alright, you're fired.

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Found this on Miiverse. Had to post it up.

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