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Monster Hunter 4.

With at least as heavy a focus on online as tri, preferably even more.

Also, No More heroes, Pikmin, F-zero GX 2 or whatever it'll be called, and I'm very excited about the likes of assassins creed coming. Give me a sequel to viewtiful joe and little kings story while we're at it

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irken004 wrote:

Make it happen.

That's exactly what I WOULDN"T want happening unless the Wii remote/nunchuck were an alternate controller option.
First of all, complete 'fail' by using traditional controls for a first person shooter....Going against everything that made the Wii next gen in that genre. And whoopie! How innovative, we get a map and a hud screen on the Wii U controllers screen, talk about totaly creative...Ya, We've only had that since the release of the god damn NIntendo DS back in

And this is what i mean. Innovation wise based on this little mock up, there's no innovation to be seen whatsoever. A 2nd window for a MAP/Item select screen....which has been done to death on the DS for years now. And traditional controls which is a huge step back. What's left? Oh....Sparkly HD graphics, improved Dolby Digital(at least) Sound quality and next gen(for Nintendo) visuals...

Personally I'm going to opt hands down for the Wii Remote Plus/Nunchuck combo whenever Metroid Prime 4(for ex) is released. Yet it will fell like I'm playing a Super Wii, because the only real enhancement will be the graphics, HD visuals and sound....Where if i were to use the Wii U controller i'd be getting those clunky unimersive tradition controls with a bunch of 'neat' 2nd screen ideas, along with some gyro controls. I'm sure there will be some great idea's going on, but i'm sorry.....No matter how creative it gets, your sacrificing the wii remote and that to me is a huge let down.

But this controller has some amazing possibilites for the Side Scroller genre, such as Wario Land, Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Castlevania and what have you.

And that's the thing, for me the Wii U controller fails by using proper and comfortable Pointer controls or replicating anything such as a sword, gun and the thousands of other ideas. So for any title that is in the 3rd or first person perspective, it's a no go for me. SideScrollers however could be pretty damn awesome....Ahhh the endless amount of ideas with that 2nd screen, we're going to be seeing some truly amazing stuff and THAT's what gets me excited.



Another Code R
Final Fantasy
Super Smash Bros
Xenoblade 2
Mario Kart
Fatel Frame
Pikmin 3



ballkirby1 wrote:

A Waluigi Game

Definitely this ^

Excite Truck Wii U
Okami 2
Battalion Wars 3

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Aliens: Colonial Marines... done right.


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Metroid Prime 4
Rogue Squadron sequel (Like the original, no on-foot)
Pilotwings (with the characters from the N64 version)
Conduit 3 (third time lucky )
Full Steam access

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I'd like to see a faithful sequel to Mario 64, without Glaxies orJet-packs.



After playing with Torchlight, I hope Runic Games considers on bringing the series to WiiU and even 3DS. I think it's a perfect match



METROID. i know it hasn't been announced


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Silent Hill 2 & 3 Remastered, which is coming to the PS3.

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3d mario platformer - new and original (Not another galaxy)
2d mario platformer - (previous one was great but want something more original + groundbreaking, not a compilation of previous marios).
Paper mario
Megaman 2d platformer
Kirby 2d platformer
Punch out
Wario 2d platformer
Donkey Kong Country returns 2
HD car sim (a gran turismo type game)
F1 racing HD

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I'd like to see these games on Wii U:
An epic new Mario game(Epic as in T rated perhaps?)
Sonic Adventure 3(2 Battle was really good, well, in my opinion)
A Resident Evil game(a new one or a compilation of 1-4)
New Legend of Zelda game(New game, not a remake)
Another WarioWare game with all brand new microgames
New Star Fox game
Super Smash Bros. 4(codenamed "War" or "Combat")
Pikmin 3
Mario Kart Wii U
A new Call of Duty game that's worth buying
A New Pokemon game that doesn't suck on console

I would like Nintendo to buy Rare back so the following games can be made(I doubt it though)
Banjo-Kazooie 3(It was codenamed "Threeie" back then)
Conker's Bad Fur Day 2(codenamed "Other Bad Fur Day 2")

I would like the virtual console to be Gamecube games so I can finally buy:
Pikmin 2
Kirby's Air Ride
Paper Mario 2

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I want that monster hunter with badass online, and that pikmin, and that assassins creed - but I want to be surprised as well. Bring me something new

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My wish list at the moment...

Muramasa: The demon blade 2
Pikmin 3 (you know to actually be released..... it's been said before so I'm not getting my hopes up)
Tales of "something" game
Fire emblem: Echoing Hills (lol made up title, but would love a new Fire emblem)
Xenoblade 2 (and one if it doesn't get released in NA by then)
Transformers War for Cybertron 2
Zelda (of course)
Kid Icarus (loving how the 3DS title looks, besides this guy deserves more games)
Sin and Punishment 3 (such an Underrated franchise)
Donkey Kong 64 returns (make it happen Retro/Nintendo)
Resident Evil game (But really good like 4)

that's all I can think of at the moment... with a lack of sleep...

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portal 3!

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Final Fantasy VI



I want a new Four Swords Adventures. The controller is a perfect fit and would make it much easier to get a group of people together.

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A port of the PS3 version of Ni No Kuni.

Pokemon Snap 2.

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