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A sequel to Mario Sunshine, right now.

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Some type of ganglife simulation title, with a real time virtual community. Kind of like "GTA" with WiFi, where WiiU owners can converse and join in illegal activities together online. With full character customization abilities like "Saint's Row". And the choice to join what ever gang you choose, or create your own posse as the O.G. and start your recruitment. Kind of like "WoW", but with gangbangers. Anyone else down to get bout it bout it?

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the return of toon link on the big screen baby! the other link can go **** him self

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I need to get that game soon!



GuardianAcorn wrote:

Call of Duty 13: Modern Black Ops of World War II! It'll be a launch title!

I lol'd so hard to this!

Just for you.
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I wamnt Mario Galaxy 3

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Such thread, much dead

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Why gravedig a 4 year old thread?

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