Topic: Wii games via the Wii U Gamepad?

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If they're going to let you transfer the games then, as they did with the DSi -> 3DS, they'll have to allow you to download those "Wii downloads" from the eShop. So the 3DS has a DSiWare section and the Wii U will have a WiiWare section. That's a given. Now if you ask me it doesn't make much sense to have a two tiered system of VC titles in the eShop. If that happened would the top menu on the eShop have WiiUWare, Wii U, Wii Ware, Wii U VC and Wii VC? That'd just be confusing.

So there's a damn good chance that if you transfer VC games you'll be able to play them on the GamePad IMO.

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