Topic: will the wii u fail?

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Crappy sales , poor 3rd party support, bad graphics, outdated online play, unoriginal and clunky controller design, and no good AAA exclusives so far, nor any big titles scheduled to hit the second half of this year.

will the wii u fail?

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You fail. This post is pointless.


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A "troll" appeared!

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this thread is so boring, it doesn't even exist

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SCAR392 wrote:

You fail. This post is pointless.

i'm a Nintendo fan. I own a wii, wii u ds and gameboy. Whats wrong with being honest and asking a question?

I also love my country (America) but i'm not afraid to admit we are going he wrong direction, and our economy may fail. am I terrorist for saying that?

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I'm afraid no one can know the answer to this question. People can guess all they like, up to and including 'professional analysts', but they're still just that — guesses. How about we check back in a few years, give the gloom and doom some time to pan out or not. :3

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