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I've been a gamer almost my entire life. I grew playing Intellivision, Atari, and ColecoVision. Donkey Kong on ColecoVision was epic back in the day. Once the NES came out I was all in. When I met my wife 20 years ago we played NES as we were courting and in 1994 we bought our first SNES with the Donkey Kong Country bundle. We then moved onto the N64 which I convinced my former boss to import from Japan and "Wow" our customers with at the local video store. We bought our own N64 once it was released in the states and enjoyed that for many years. We then moved on to the GameCube for which I stood in line for on launch day and the same for the Wii.

Today I've raised a family of gamers, both of our children play games and my wife still plays games. The problem is we don't play games together anymore. After the Wii, I bought the Xbox 360 and eventually a PS3. My boy moved on to the 360 while I dabbled in Xbox land I mostly gravitated toward the PS3. We'd once in awhile play Wii Sports and/or Resort and our daughter would play the latest Zelda and I'd play some Mario Galaxy but the Wii sat mostly idle. My wife had moved on to the iPad for games.

When I originally heard about the Wii U I wasn't too impressed honestly, however, as a huge fan of portable game machines (even buying a Virtual Boy at launch) I was interested in the Gamepad. On launch day, I stood in line with my son for a Deluxe. Three Nintendo launches in a row I'd stood in line and I was convinced I wouldn't buy a Wii U due to the lack of play the Wii got in the house.

It's been a week now since launch and we've played the Wii U together as a family every single day. I've played CoD with my son or 4 player Mario with everyone. We've played 3 and 4 player Nintendo Land depending on who is available or wants to play. We've even played a ton of 5 player Nintendo Land as my daughter has friends rotating in and out of the house daily and all of them really enjoying it. The Xbox and PS3 have been eerily silent and the Wii U is now at the fore front of our gaming lives.

The Wii U wins because just like 6 years ago, we're gaming again as a family. Neither the Xbox or PS3 have been able to ever do that in our household full of gamers. I just hope that the luster doesn't wear off and that Nintendo or 3rd parties can supply us with enough content to keep our family playing together for years to come.

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Sounds like the Wii Unites.

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Good to here. I come from the same time frame so I can relate with you. Happy gaming for a long time to come!

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If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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Wasn't this one of Nintendo's goal with the Wii U? Looks lite it's going well.

(Well, in your house at least. But i imagine this will be the case for alot of families.)

@Master_Ryno Maybe that's one of the reasons it's called to Wii U. It's a gaming console for you, but it also unites... And with Miiverse you might even say the whole console is to Unite U with everybody! (I don't know.)

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What a great story
Made me feel all happy

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