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3rd paries not releasing games for Wii U is 3rd party faults. Wii U already has a bigger install base, and that will grow even more so when games from Nintendo start coming out.
Nintendo has no control over this, so you should be asking, "Why, _________(insert 3rd party name here)?"
I understand why they don't want to, AS OF NOW, but it won't really matter until the said game not on Wii U is actually ready to be released.
If Destiny was coming out tommorow(which is a pretty big game), and there was no word of a Wii U version. I would be concerned.
While 3rd parties are making the final touches on their games, Wii U sales and fan numbers will grow, and if the 3rd parties see that while more than just Wii U is available(Xbox One and PS4), they'll port the games over last second if they have to, if they know it will get them a great sales number.
The 4 million people that have bought Wii U, are either hardcore gamers(which want the games obviously), or kids, which want to play any game in existence.
If you're not convinced Nintendo will be fine, and things will pick up, I would suggest getting a different console instead of asking questions on a Nintendo forum that don't really make any sense, because we knew this all along.
Wii U getting a good install base is the priority, but there is still plenty of time before the lack of 3rd party games actually matters.

Ur the best troll on this site.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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I didn't see the entire Ubisoft show at E3, but I'm hearing they never mentioned Wii-U aside from the Dance game. Ubi will be realising Watch Dogs, and something else slipping my mind.

But has anyone heard what that Aiesha Tyler woman (Ubisoft conference hostess) told IGN? She said Ubisoft won't be developing any more games for Wii-U because it's an 'abandoned platform'. My first instinct says she's clueless, maybe thinking Wii, but it was still said nonetheless. Someone can find a video (not working for me in this browser). Search 'Wii U abandoned platform'... something should come up.

EDIT - Here's a link but can't get video to work...

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That Nintendo Direct was on point and made my day, yall haters a eff off. You just had your hopes up to high and if they did release some new IPs you all would still complain and moan.



Gametrailers reporter asked Reggie about bad 3rd party support and Reggie replied:


3rd party will come, but not this year (except these 3 nice games Watch Dogs, AC4, Blacklist)

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