Topic: Why is there all the hate for Super Mario 3D World?

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Hi, I just want to know this; Why is there all this hate for Super Mario 3D World? I actually like the idea of a 3D multiplayer game. It looks like a blast!! I have alot of non-gamer friends, who love nintendo because of the crazy frantic multiplayer experiences that are given. I know everybody has their opinion, this is mine. What is yours

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These people moaning want a new Galaxy/64/Sunshine. They hate everything else without haven played it.

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I didn't enjoy 3D Land and I was expecting something refreshing and new this time around.

Super Mario 3D World looks like Super Mario 3D Land mixed with New Super Mario Bros.. It looks OK, but I was hoping for something more. Something that weren't based around a previous concept.

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I'm not really a fan of 2D side-scrolling Mario games, and as @19Robb92 said, I didn't really enjoy Super Mario 3D Land. I wish Nintendo would start making more 3D games, since they've been focusing more on the side-scrolling games recently.

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CorporalPegasus wrote:

These people moaning want a new Galaxy/64/Sunshine. They hate everything else without haven played it.

Do you know how long my people have been waiting for something like this? A 3d-mario multiplayer platformer with characters that have different abilities. I could care less if it's not like galaxy.

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Looks amazing. I didn't like Super Mario 64 since I thought it had little platforming and it was too easy and I just plain out hated Super Mario Sunshine. I felt a lot of the levels were gimmicky and once again it had less platforming. Super Mario Galaxy on the other hand blew me away than I was once again impressed with 3D Land. Game looks amazing and either the Mario, Knack, Killzone, or The Windwaker HD will be my goty.

I am mixed on the multiplayer though since I won't use it unless their is online.

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I don't think it's genuine hate, it's disappointment. I'll enjoy the game I'm sure, but you hit your nail on the end when you said your non-gamer friends will love it. The Wii was a console for those non-gamers, but Nintendo promised their hardcore fans the Wii U would be for them. I love Nintendo because of the fantastic single player experiences, but I feel like they're starting to ignore me in favour of the people that just want to play games every now and then as a family.



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If you'd like to continue discussing SM3DW, please feel free to continue in our main SM3DW thread. Thank you! :3

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