Topic: why doesn't the WiiU come with AV cables?

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If you're using a CRT TV, you might still have old Wii AV cables left, or you can buy cables that suit your own needs without NIntendo needing to include the sub-par composite cables with every console. You should find Wii AV cables on the cheap, so it's not a big expense on top of the console. The other consoles don't come with an HDMI or even a component cable these days, and that is a bigger problem.



It's 2012. HDTVs are not that expensive.


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WebHead wrote:

It's 2012. HDTVs are not that expensive.

Composite cables are even less expensive. CRTs still have their advantages, I could understand someone not having an HDTV.

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Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

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A console designed for HDTV when they are widely owned and accepted should have HD cables in the box. Simple?

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