Topic: Why doesn't Nintendo ever advertise their free online aspect?

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Sony_70 wrote:

-Nintendoland (if not multiplayer than leaderboards)
-Pikmin 3
-Lego City Undercover

Agreed (for leaderboards), probably, NOOOOOOO. In that order. Yes, the Wii U 3rd party exclusive in March should have spent money on online in an open world game, that wouldn't have been a terrible idea or lose them money or take a ton of time or anything! I mean, Nintendo could afford another game getting delayed-OH WAIT. Like the other 2 games I do agree with and I think it's because whether intentional or not, Nintendo's usual game development philosophies are too conservative to work in AAA HD gaming (see: the news a while ago where they announced they have been expanding their own studios).

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Lego Marvel and DC are both open world games with co-op and multiplayer is kind of the hook of the Lego series of games, Just seems to be a weird omission for a series that does optional co-op anyway.


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