Topic: Which Wii U Games Have a Left-Handed Control Sticks Mode?

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Cheaptrick wrote:

ChrisT99 wrote:

Would it be worthwhile to start a petition for this sort of thing? I for one think that us lefties need more representation in the gaming world.

I was actually thinking of creating a left handed gaming community website in the past but lost interest on it party because I'm played mainly on PC & being a left-handed PC gamer is not that big of a handicap. I still got my old Steam community group called "The Lefty Gamers Club" for you to join. I'm hoping if there's lots of us lefties maybe we can have a voice in gaming.

^ Cool. I just joined the group. However, I don't have a home computer and no way to play my Steam games.


The simple solution is to just make left-handed controllers!

Just kidding, I'm a lefty, and I think it's one of those things you have to get used to. . . like Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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ChrisT99 wrote:

@shinesprite Does the Circle Pad Pro help out with KI:U at all?

Well, it makes your movement with the right stick and your aiming with your left hand using the stylus, so yup.



So kinda like with ZombiU in first post in this thread, but you still need to be able to move right thumb accurately?


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Somewhat, yes. The most significant aspect is to dodge you need to double tap the circle pad quickly.



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