Topic: Which Wii U exclusive are you looking forward to the most this fall?

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Super Mario 3DLand then Wind Waker In close second. Never played the original, should be fun ^^.

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i will have thee' ultimate Wind Waker waffle-Doughnut party once i bring in the 55" future Panny' whammy' Mammoth of a about 2-3 months. Sigh* Hopefully I will fall for Wind Waker HD this time around, because i was NOT a fan of the GCN original back when it soaked up the Gamecube...I just about finished it, but i eventually threw in the towel because ultimately for me it didn't offer one single tetris-trinket of fun....Mind you, i was also dipping into Resident Evil 4 during the time and that game completely dominated everything else around me. The Wii U's gamepad controls will no doubt breath new life into WW, aside from the HD visuals and turbo sailing addition which will make navigating the ocean less of a Boo-berry pain.

Sonic Lost Worlds definitly looks groovier than gravy, i'll be checking this out as well but I'm not too excited for it. Pikmin 3 has already arrived, but next in line for me would most likely be Super Mario 3d World(I know it looks hella generic, but the fact that it has SMB2's 4-player roster and their abilities at it's disposal, new fun boss battles(VS the cut and paste unoriginal goop from the NSMB series. Yeah, the koopa kids are awesome, but stripping World's original bosses 'twice' for NSMB.Wii & U was a bit too much.) and the fact that the FROG suit is making a return has me extremely amped!

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Wind Waker HD. It's been a while since I've played through the title and I'm personally excited to see its transition to HD.

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"Day One, Must Have" category
#1 Wind Waker HD- One of the few titles in my favorite series that I never had the chance to play.
#2 Mario 3D World- Altho underwhelmed by the trailer, the 3d Mario team's track record forces me to give them the benefit of the doubt.
#3 Sonic Lost World- Could potentially be the Mario game I was expecting, with its similarities to Galaxy.

"Pretty Excited" category:
#4 Wonderful 101- I literally change my mind on this hourly. Something about this catches my attention, and something about it turns me off. I don't know what either thing is, though!

"Not for me" category
#5 DKC Trop Freeze- Still recovering from finding out Retro's title wasn't a Metroid Prime to compete with the Halo's, Titanfall's, and Destiny's out there. I just feel like this was SUCH a missed opportunity. Unless it's being worked on along WITH this game, we won't get a Metroid until the end of the Wii U lifecycle, and by then everyone will have already made up their mind about what this system is, losing the potential for the "I wasn't going to get a Wii U because its for kids and i like shooters, but have you SEEN Metroid Prime?? Nintendo still has it, man" type of turnaround. I just can't get excited for a 2d platformer in 2013. And I was a HUGE fan of the SNES DKC's. If Miyamoto feels a new F Zero can't introduce anything new, I really wish he would've sat down with retro about this title. What is this bringing new? Its more of the same but with different camera angles at non-playable parts. I just don't... ugh, sorry. I feel strongly about this, as you can tell. Moving on...
#6 Wii Party U- None of my friends are gamers, or else this potentialy could be much higher on the list. I loved Mario Party, back in the day when me and my friends played. Footage I've seen of the Wii original looks very similar. Unfortunately, due to not having any gamer friends, this goes along with Nintendo Land in being a title I could've enjoyed so much more if I had someone to play it with.
#7 Wii Fit U- Not at all. Thanks.

Anyways, that's my list. Happy gaming, folks



Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong

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Wind Waker HD and Sonic Lost World.

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Mario 3d world is my most anticipated game, for sure. I think it will be so much more than people usually expect it to be.
Sonic Lost World looks promising, an interesting departure from the recent colors/generations formula. I can't see them having the same crazy creativity as in mario galaxy, but what we've seen so far from now looks GREAT.
Tropical Freeze feels like more of the same, but I enjoyed Returns so much, so it's totally fine for me.
On third party ground, I think I'll go for AC4 and batman arkham origins when prices drop a bit.


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Definitely Sonic: Lost World and The Wonderful 101. Both seem different from games I've played before (the same can't be said for the other games coming up this winter season). I mean, I'll like the other games too, I'm sure, but I can't help but look forward to the more unique games more.

Frankly, the Wii U game I'm looking forward to the most is Rayman Legends, no contest. Alas, it is not exclusive.

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Wind Waker HD


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I'm not really sure. I would get all of them if I could. I kinda need a job... KINDA...


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Definitely getting W101 and sonic lost world. If got any $$ left going for watchdogs and super Mario 3D Land.

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Just dropping my Wish-List for 2013:
The Wonderful 101 [Wii U Exclusive]
Rayman Legends [Wii U]
Pokemon X [3DS Exclusive]
Grand Theft Auto V [PS3]
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [Wii U Exclusive]
Saints Row 4 [PS3]
Zelda: Wind Waker HD [Wii U]
Skyrim's Main DLC [Finallllllly on PS3]
Papers, Please [Steam]
Watch Dogs [PS3]
Divinity: Dragon Commander [Steam]

Slowly going to work down that list and should hopefully be done by the New Year. But W101 and DKC: Tropical Freeze are my most anticipated Wii U releases. I wasn't planning on picking up Wind Waker until they announced Hero Mode, which I'd assume is basically Master Quest and even so, never played WW anyway. All I need now is one of my favorite games of all time to be remade, Majora's Mask.

It's up there in my Top Three with Shadow of the Collosus and Portal 2.



For me its very hard to pick a single exclusive as the one I'm looking forward to the most.
I can't wait to get my hands on-
Super Mario 3d World
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
and Sonic Lost World

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