Topic: Which Wii Accessories are Compatible?

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I know Nintendo said most Wii Accessories would be compatible, but I just want to know if I could save myself a couple dollars and just pick up a Wii Motion Plus instead of buying a Wii Remote Plus.

And while we're on the topic, what other accessories are compatible? Has Nintendo posted a List yet? Do I even have to worry about the Motion Plus?

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I don't believe Nintendo has posted a list. But I'm pretty sure pretty most of all of them will be supported. At least in "Wii Mode."

I wouldn't count on the classic controller (pro) being support by Wii U games. Unless there's already been a game announced to support it and I missed it...

I hope the motion plus accessory is supported, because that's the only motion plus I have. I finally bought four wii remotes and then they came out with wii remote pluses... ugh...


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