Topic: Which games MUST Nintendo show at E3 2013?

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Nintendo doesn't have to do anything this E3 because E3 isn't important.

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Everything they have ready to show pretty much, like the article stated, those 5 games definitely. There's also Miyamoto's brand new IP although I don't think Retro's project is a new IP, more like bringing back a franchise since that's what they've been doing so far (first Metroid then Donkey Kong). They also need to show off more footage of Monolith Soft's game along with some extra goodies like the Wii U MarioKart and some eShop titles.

Also I'm hoping the rumor is true about Nintendo securing a major 3rd party exclusive that's going to make a bigger impact than the Bayonetta 2 news did (and we all know how that exploded and got out of hand). Many speculate that the 3rd party game is from Square-Enix and if that's true, there's no other game in my mind that would make more sense than Final Fantasy Versus XIII (all things considered).

Remember though, many of the best E3s have been when 1st parties show off games, probably the only excellent E3 I could think of when a console was revealed was 2004 with the reveal of the DS (I don't know how any of the E3's went before that one).

And lol are Chrono_Cross's comment. True because to the gaming world, E3 has grown less significant, plus with Nintendo_Direct, they already have their way to sharing news with the world that's just as (if not more) effective than E3.

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They don't need E3 anymore, they answered all my questions in the last Nintendo Direct. I'm happy without it and will be looking forward to it just for footage of new Marios, Smash Bros and Kart. Anything else is a bonus.

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In terms of fending off competition, it'll probably be tough, since I'm guessing we'll see a lot of new IPs this E3, if the beginning of each console generation is any indication. There will be many surprises this E3.

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smash bros , mario kart , the 3d mario , and pokemon x and y then i would be happy

Pokemon X and Y
Kid Icarus Uprising
Pokemon Black 2
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Chrono_Cross wrote:

Nintendo doesn't have to do anything this E3 because E3 isn't important.

I disagree. While E3 may not mean that much to gamers due to things like Nintendo Correct and Nintendo and Microsoft want to control their own news flow.

However for the main stream media where most of the population atikk gets their tech and gaming news E3 is still pretty important as it usually gets more media attention

Its the biggest reason why Microaofts conference last year had more than games and was about pushing stuff that appeals to that market.


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We're getting our first glimpse of Smash Bros. and (unless something goes wrong) there'll be a playable version of the new 3D Mario and Mario Kart, so that alone is enough to satisfy me.
Anything else is just a bonus.
I'd love to see what Retro is working on and some actually footage of Wind Waker HD, but regardless it'll be a good show.
Monolith Soft's game is what I want to see and hear more about the most, but this E3 is probably not the most likely place we'll hear more about that I wouldn't think.


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Good ones.

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Some of my favorite games:
Ghost Trick, StarFox 64, WarioLand: Shake It, Kid Icarus, The Legendary Starfy, Endless Ocean: Blue World, Zelda: Minish Cap, Pokemon Snap, Diamond Trust of London, Gyromite, Katamari Damacy, EarthBound, Mario Kart 7, and Sonic Generations(PS3).


Well we know

EAD Tokyo 3D Mario
Mario Kart
Wind Waker HD
Yoshi Epic Yarn
Wii U party
Bayonetta 2
Pokemkn X and Y
Smash Bros

Now you just have to sort out what will be at the conference. Also beyond pokemon I'm expecting Nintendo to have two round tables in the evening.


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Must show?

Mario, Mario, and did I mention Mario?

In all sorts of seriousness, they need to demonstrate Monolith's game with a demo, as well as showing off Miyamoto and Retro's games.

Oh, and what the hell is NST working on after Crosswords Plus?

Metroid, Xenoblade, EarthBound shill

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All those games plus everything in the nintendo direct and some new titles.

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Whether or not E3 is still important, you can bet your bottom dollar that Microsoft and Sony are going to be brining their "A" games, so you can't let the whole "E3 doesn't matter anymore" battle whine rule your sentiment. Nintendo has to stand strong against its competition when it's game time, and as far as the competition is concerned, E3 is still game time.

That being said, I personally believe that Nintendo MUST show the new 3D Mario game, Smash Brothers, a glimpse into its Zelda projects, AND RETRO's project. Aside from that, I predict Nintendo will also show off some sort of brand-new functionality of the gamepad, and it's gonna have to be awesome for the gaming press to care. Assuming Sony and Microsoft tease their new consoles (or even unveil them), this is the minimum Nintendo needs to do to fight back.



Pilotwings and Endless Ocean.

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The games they hinted at in the Direct is enough for me. Anything else is gravy.

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

Nintendo doesn't have to do anything this E3 because E3 isn't important.

I agree with this to an extent. With the continuous Nintendo Directs, we're getting a steady flow of information. So E3 isn't their big showcase anymore.
However, I think it is VERY important for the attendees to try their new games.

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Well, those in the article plus Mario Kart U and the rest of Direct games. Nintendo's new IP (mentioned around a year ago) would be good too.

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