Topic: Which fighter are you going to try out first once Smash Bros is out?

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citizenerased wrote:

GuSilverFlame wrote:

Kirby, because I'm 90% sure most of the others I want to play with will need to be unlocked.

This, people saying Mega Man makes no sense. Remember how Sonic and Snake were unlocked in Brawl from the start? Yeah, they weren't.

But that was a pretty big mistake. People were probably very excited to play as Snake or Sonic for their first time, but I know I was disappointed when I found out they needed to be unlocked first. Sakurai may change that.

At the current moment, we have no idea who will and won't be locked, and there's no reason why Sakurai has to make Mega/Sonic lockable again, so let us pick them if we want. Besides, Mega Man's Final Smash definitely solidified him as my go-to fighter now.

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Mega Man, then Little Mac, followed by Wii Fit Trainer. Everyone here will obviously try the new characters.


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I'll probably sit it on random for the first few matches, I don't really know who I'll end up on so best to test the waters. Right now though I'm more interested in the good aerial and/or fast characters. Luigi, Toon Link, Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja, Sonic, Mr Game & Watch etc, etc.

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After Greninja's reveal, I'd have to say he'll be the first person I try out. Greninja was my most wanted possible newcomer, and I was really surprised to see him announced!

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Peach has been my best character since Melee, so I'll probably play as her for my first match or two, but I'm very excited to try out all of the new characters (even the Wii Fit Trainers!) and see how all of the returning fighters have been tweaked.

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Link. You can never go wrong with a classic.

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Pit. His new final Smash is epic

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Zelda !
I always played Zelda in the prev games so def going to see the changes made to her
I'll look forward to try Rosalina and Greninja too !


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Wow, this is a tough one. Probably Donkey Kong; or either Greninja or Charzard (both look really cool).

I'm still hoping that Santa is announced as a new challenger.


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Donkey Kong, because he's my favorite character in the series and I want to see what changes they've made to him.



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