Topic: Which fighter are you going to try out first once Smash Bros is out?

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Then maybe try out all the new characters to see whether I like 'em.

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Capt. Falcon!


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Rosalina and little mac.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

As always, I'll start off with good ol Mario.

This. It's my way of breaking myself into the game's mechanics. I did it with Brawl and I'll do it here.
Afterwards, I'll try the rest of the Mario cast + Mega Man and go from there!

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Little Mac (given he's a starter).

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One of the new characters like Megaman or Little Mac or maybe a Mario character due to being a fan of the games.



Link in the Skyloft stage

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the switch is pretty cool.

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Little Mac



Kirby, because I'm 90% sure most of the others I want to play with will need to be unlocked.

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Either LIttle Mac or Mega Man.



zero suit samus

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GuSilverFlame wrote:

Kirby, because I'm 90% sure most of the others I want to play with will need to be unlocked.

This, people saying Mega Man makes no sense. Remember how Sonic and Snake were unlocked in Brawl from the start? Yeah, they weren't.

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mystman12 wrote:

Probably Luigi, since he's my main in Brawl. I'd get to see his new final smash, too!

Then, Rosalina and the other Mario characters.

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MegaMan but I'm guessing he'll probably have to be unlocked first.

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Villager! And if he has to be unlocked, then Samus or Link depending on who other people I'm playing with pick.


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Mario. My main is and always has been Mario.

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I haven't played since Melee, but towards the end I really remember liking Yoshi so I MAY play him first. Who knows though. I'm pretty torn between all the new characters, but Little Mac popped into my mind first, so I'd probably go with him. Of course, they're probably all locked though.


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