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Topic: when will Wii u parts be available to order ?

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i made a forum post not to long ago saying how do i get the yellow of my wii u gamepad and some guy said to put rubbing alchol on ( surgical spirit in the UK ) and holy sh*t that made it 10 times worse i don't know why i believed him i think he was trolling me .. but whatever the damage has been done .. so due to my continued bad luck i am wondering when parts will be available to order to get a new gamepad case and thumb sticks ... quite annoyed and upset ... i cannot return the console because i have transferred all my VC games over and i will loose them all ..

try not to post abuse or laughing at me .. im really not in the mood ..
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Weird your controller turned yellow so quick... Do you eat a lot of cheezies?

Contact Nintendo about it. They are pretty much the only way to get help.at the moment.

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@Jogurt: That's strange that alcohol wouldn't have helped, it's a legit fix for dirt and grossness discoloring a game controller or handheld. we've really got no idea when replacement parts will be available to order, though. you might try contacting Nintendo as suggested.

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Well if you are talking about this thread http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/wii-u/the_yellowing_has_begun than it was me who suggested rubbing alcohol, which as TBD said has been known to work before. Sorry to hear that it made things worst but honestly I wasn't trolling you. I know I have had games and controllers in the past get that yellow look and rubbing alcohol has worked for me. It could just be a defect on Nintendo's part.

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