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i made a forum post not to long ago saying how do i get the yellow of my wii u gamepad and some guy said to put rubbing alchol on ( surgical spirit in the UK ) and holy sh*t that made it 10 times worse i don't know why i believed him i think he was trolling me .. but whatever the damage has been done .. so due to my continued bad luck i am wondering when parts will be available to order to get a new gamepad case and thumb sticks ... quite annoyed and upset ... i cannot return the console because i have transferred all my VC games over and i will loose them all ..

try not to post abuse or laughing at me .. im really not in the mood ..
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Weird your controller turned yellow so quick... Do you eat a lot of cheezies?

Contact Nintendo about it. They are pretty much the only way to get the moment.



@Jogurt: That's strange that alcohol wouldn't have helped, it's a legit fix for dirt and grossness discoloring a game controller or handheld. we've really got no idea when replacement parts will be available to order, though. you might try contacting Nintendo as suggested.

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Well if you are talking about this thread than it was me who suggested rubbing alcohol, which as TBD said has been known to work before. Sorry to hear that it made things worst but honestly I wasn't trolling you. I know I have had games and controllers in the past get that yellow look and rubbing alcohol has worked for me. It could just be a defect on Nintendo's part.

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