Topic: When is the next batch of Wii U news?

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Like many others, I've enjoyed, and have been impressed by, Nintendo's latest press conference. But for me, it was enough to get me excited, but not enough to satisfy. So does anybody know when Nintendo will release more info on future games and whatnot?


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They probably won't do a Wii U centered Nintendo Direct for a while, so get used to it... We might hear about confirmed launch titles through NintendoLife, but I don't think Nintendo has much more to say on the matter of the Wii U. They gave us the price, they listed a ton of launch window games, they gave us NintendoTVii, they've just about hit every question we had except for the exact workings of Miiverse. I'd personally get comfortable for the next couple of months. If we do get any Nintendo Directs, I'm sure they'll be more about the 3DS's future.

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Before launch I guess.


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Yeah, there will likely be a Nintendo Direct before launch detailing Miiverse.



When some developer says something good about the Wii U.

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