Topic: When do you think the next Wii U Nintendo Direct will be?

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By now almost everybody here is aware of the 3DS Nintendo Direct to be broadcasted tomorrow morning. And also most of us are rather concerned by the fact that there isn't a Wii U centered ND in sight as of yet. So when do you think it will be? Personally I think that if not by this month, there will be at least one more ND for Wii U before E3.


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I am thinking their E3 conference will be their Wii U ND. With Sony focusing on PS4 and Microsoft focusing on Durango, Nintendo will have to focus on the Wii U. The only other time I can think is shortly after Microsoft announces what the Durango is, but that is really close to E3 as it is.

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I'm guessing that at the very ending of tomorrow's Nintendo Direct they will announce a Wii U Nintendo Direct for the end of April or later in May. It won't discuss much aside from some release dates on some much anticipated games and then the next time we'll hear any news from Nintendo will be at E3.
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A couple of months or days after E3 probably.

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I'm hoping they'll announce a Wii U Nintendo Direct at tomorrow's 3DS one a week later or something, but I'll most likely be a small one revealing new footage and release dates for Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and a few other games which have an early quarter 2 release date.

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I think that the Wii U won't be showed off until E3. I feel like they're trying to blow us away with something big.



my best guess would be the same kind of announcement for 3DS like after the last Wii U one when they said they were planning it soon. So sometime not too long after?

Also, Id be surprised if they didnt mention anything about the wii u in this Direct.



Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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Strange, we're getting a 3DS Direct and Japan's getting a Wii U Direct.


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Yeah, Japan's get a more general direct and we're only getting a 3DS one. Weird.

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It says something about the Wii U Update coming next week, and that will be announced in the Nintendo Direct of today...

Literally translated:
The [Iwata], so we decided to implement the body next week update of Wii U, the direct of today, I would like to also introduce this body update. # NintendoDirectJP

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If the sales figures for March are indeed 55,000, they need a new Nintendo Direct, and soon.



Like people already said, they should have at least one before E3.
Topics that will most likely be covered are highlighting the games that are released before E3 (Pikmin3, Wonderful101, Game&Wario etc?), and the official launch of the Wii U Virtual Console.


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