Topic: What's with the freezing on YouTube!?

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MadAussieBloke wrote:

No problems with IB Youtube for me... Must be a US/UK issue




I've ONLY had problems with YouTube(on the internet browser). The only reason why I noticed it wasn't working is because of this thread, actually.

I haven't had a Wii U freeze since February. What's interesting though, is that the freeze buzz happens for a split second every time I start the Youtube app, but it never escalates to a force shutdown.



Youtube is working for me. I was looking up 3D GBA games, and they look like PS1 graphics kinda.

I didn't even realize that I was using Youtube, but I can confirm it is working(for me at least).


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Youtube keeps crashing for me, it's a French console

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I THINK I know what it is. It may be a ban on videos. if not all vids are being frozen, maybe they all have something in common. I am watching a youtuber who plays minecraft and there is nonstop cussing. Maybe Nintendo pinpoints these channels so the wii u can be censored.



@rockydomination Not only is that impossible and probably illegal, but they wouldn't deliberately crash their own system just to stop you from watching a video. Not to mention the fact that if they did that they'd censor the app too. It more than likely has something to do with the ads, as I was able to listen to a Notorious B.I.G. song that had a fair bit of cussing. The video didn't have ads.

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I would guess it's with the ads not being fully compatible with html5 or whatever coding WiiU's browser is using thus crashing the software (and once software on a console crashes the hardware goes down with it).

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Well, at least I know of more than three people with this problem now, including myself. Had this problem a month and a half or so ago.

None of this works for me anymore, but:
Stereo sound - works on some videos, better than nothing; I only did it on the Gamepad with offscreen veiwing
Deleting cookies - works for a while, not forever
Ressetting data - same as deleting cookies, but more annoying

Nothing new but stereo sound, but yeah.

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I've been getting stereo sound on the internet since launch, so perhaps they just made it more compatible with whatever sound system your using. Aside from that, Youtube was crashing occasionally, but only on certain videos. It seems like the recent update fixed the issue.

I think 3D and 5.1 PCM should be a standard feature. That is all I think is necessary on YouTube AND Netflix.



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