Topic: What would you like to see in a third Wii U update?

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Well they can read from SD cards on the Wii U and they can access data from the Wii. We know the first is true because the Animal Crossing Plaza channel thing allows you to move pictures from Animal Crossing New Leaf to the Wii U via SD Card. We know the second is true because the Wii U eShop knows what your purchases are, you can copy over your Miis and Wii Fit U allows you to copy over your Wii save data.

However there's a difference between reading it and actually running it outside of the compatibility mode. I really don't see them putting that much of an effort into something that in reality is a niche feature. It plays Wii games, it didn't need to do anymore. The fact that they have done more is a welcome surprise as it is.

As for pushing the Wii U VC to the point that it has the Wii VC library now, I don't see how that would be a problem. The vast majority of the content everyone wants doesn't have any real licencing restrictions. It's like going to a store full of music, a consistent slow stream of new albums means nothing if there isn't a library of content already there. You go in and browse for stuff you like. If there's nothing you like then you'll walk out and probably never bother with it again.

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Actually I just thought of something else. Kill Wii Mode, allow the Wii U OS to play Wii games natively and render them at 1080p.

I don't think that's possible. Wii Mode seems to be a legacy mode similar to "Gamecube mode" on the Wii.

Actually, when you wanted to play a GameCube game on the Wii didn't it just show up in the window to select the game? Unlike the Wii games, when you put a GameCube game in, it just shows up as a small disk with no artwork. You weren't prompted to enter into a GameCube mode like with the Wii U. You just selected it and went on to playing your game. My thoughts is that Nintendo knew how much of a success the Wii was and since the Wii U was its successor it wanted to keep that aspect of that console for people to enjoy. OR, they were in such a hurry to bring the Wii U out that they just crammed that OS in and gave the Wii U the option to boot in "Wii" mode. I don't actually think the latter is really the case. In a new update, it is very plasable, that they could get rid of the Wii mode once the Wii has been out long enough to have emplemented all the old Wii stuff into the new OS. Who knows where Nintendo will go. I personally don't mind either way but I can understand why its a bother to others.

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1. Unified account system - this is the obvious one and it seems a step toward that was taken with the ability to use eShop currency on your Wii U or 3DS.
2. Friend's list integrated in to Miiverse
3. Party chat
4. Group video chat
5. Group messaging
6. General Topics Miiverse community - give the community subtopics like sports, movies, music, other gaming, etc
7. More font options, color, type, etc added to Miiverse posts
8. Ability to record small video clips of your game and post to Miiverse
9 . More apps - add Pandora, iHeart Radio, Photo sharing Apps, NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL, Watch ESPN, HBO Go, etc.
10. Posted above but something I like - ability to jump into your friend's game
11. Posted above as well - ability to pre-order games off the eShop and have them download when available

Think creating something similar to PS+ would be very cool. Get free VC games, free digital downloads, etc for a fee. Or can just enjoy everything free without those perks.

Need to update the VC at a slightly quicker pace. Think Nintendo's VC is a big advantage they have over the other companies. Need to take advantage of it.

Would like to see some promotion rewarding early adopters. Push back the end date of the digital deluxe promo, maybe some # of free VC games(like N64 or GCN releases), or could offer some free amount of cloud storage(said back in May 2012 they would be offering this at some point, free storage for early adopters would b pretty cool).

More sales on the eShop. I get Nintendo is giving indies and 3rd parties control over their pricing in the eShop but they could encourage them to put their games on sale and could have random sales for their own games(both Wii U and VC).

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You know what would be nice, if Nintendo gave gifts or something as an incentive when you get one of your friends to buy the system. It'd be a nice way to get word of mouth advertising going as well as being rewarded when you get someone to buy a Wii U. Nintendo would benefit and so would the consumer.

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