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Topic: What would you like to be added in future Wii U updates?

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LzQuacker wrote:

MrSRArter wrote:

bassoongoon wrote:

I would like a better backwards compatibility system (not at the expense of my Wii VC titles on my SD).

I know what you mean, I wish Nintendo made the Wii U compatible with WiiConnect24 instead of shutting it down so early.

Except the Wii mode is a separate system from the Wii U. You can't have both at the same time

Fine, I mean Wii Mode compatible with WiiConnect24 instead of shutting it down so early.

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JogurtTheYogurt wrote:

finally having the option to have Wii U virtual console games to be played in full-screen not in 4:3. Yeah yeah don't give me that BS that "oh that's how it was ment to be played !" No .. they could have put a little more effort into the dumped rom

It would be worse, don't give people the option. It's like when people get that were made in 21:9 letterbox and then stretch them out so the black bars are gone.

Just no.

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The ability to launch Wii games from the Wii U menu...




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Mp3, video app from files
notepad/calendar/email app
drawing app
use of NFC

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Game installs to external hard drive, and of all games: wii, wii u, and gamecube. A program that would recognize the pro controller as a wavebird.
Still waiting to see the first GBA games on the eshop, might as well get them out already.

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I think the addition of a link of eShop accounts is something that needs stressed only for the fact that I don't like having to buy two $50 cards for each separate system.
I think that they should add music app.
I think there needs to be a demand for all games to be playable without the need for a TV.
Also there should be a way to add friends while in any game and to be able to send/receive game invites for any game while one is being played.
There should be a group mode or party chat mode to talk with friends on other games.
And a customization feature to add a picture to the tiles that the Miis walk on in the Wara Wara Plaza.

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