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Then it wouldn't even be Mario kart, it would be Toad Kart.


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why is this even a thread? Like, I don't know...what the If something that would never happen, happened...?

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This is a great idea. I fully support a game of racing toads.



buy it i only use toad any ways

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buy it i only use toad any ways

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I'd go bathe in toxic sludge to develop super powers in the hopes that I can leave this planet.

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ShadJV wrote:

I'd go bathe in toxic sludge to develop super powers in the hopes that I can leave this planet.

That's called pollution, artificial/fast food, and 'realistic' goals. Haha. This shouldn't even be a thread...


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super smash bros. kart
nuff said

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wel... it sound better then mario kart 7 the most awfull mario kart game out there(not counting super circuit which is the worst mario kart game u will ever play) but if get anouther game like mario kart wii or double dash then mario kart is back to goldbut i dont care about mario kart right now cause i got SONIC & SEGA ALL-STAR RACING TRANSFORMED for WiiU



I'd buy it....USED.

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I'm planning on getting Mario Kart for Wii U (I cannot imagine they wouldn't make one) and like others I don't really care what characters are in there - they could have Mario, Luigi and toads like the New Super Mario Bros. games for all I care.

I'd be interested in the Sonic game that's currently available, but it sounds like the motion controls are gubbed and I'm just not playing a racing game with a joypad again - motion or bust!

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Depends on how Toad handles. Don't really play as him much in other games, but if his kart isn't a pain in the butt to drive, I don't care.

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I was already pretty angry that Wario was turned into an unlockable in Mario Kart 7, not to mention Waluigi wasn't even in the game.
But I don't play Mario Kart for the characters. I play for the courses. And the community.

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