Topic: What would you do if the next Mario Kart game...

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...replaces all of the Mario characters and Miis with a bunch of colored Toads?


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Then I would probably say the dude that made the thread that got locked was right



Ignore its existence.

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Hyun917 wrote:

Ignore its existence.

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Buy it.



Enjoy it for being a great kart racer. I don't give a crap about the characters, they don't matter in any way.

I would, however, be surprised that it was still called MARIO Kart and not something else.

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there is some serious toad-hatred going on in this thread. i can not tolerate that

that thing is soooooo cute !!!!

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lol depends on what else the game has i mean if it has new items and new tracks and all it be ok-ish i guess he is the only character i tempt to use in mario kart games

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i stopped playing mario kart now and moved on to luigis mansion :P

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I'd buy it. Toad is my favorite mario character anyway. Though Lumas are pretty close.


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I'd buy it.
I'm sure it'd still be a hell of a lot better than Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed.


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I would keep playing Sonic Racing Transformed. Nintendo is going to have to do a lot better than Mario Kart Wii for me to care.

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