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I was kinda hoping it would be the same as the Wii's RRP at launch in Australia. $388AU and $90AU for games. That would put it at a higher price than an unbundled PS3 ($328 - 160GB) and 360 ($239 - 4GB) and double the Wii's current price ($178 + Mario Kart). I could see myself getting it for $400AU....... but much higher than that and I'd be starting to wonder what else I could get for $400.

Or I get it and don't pick up a game for six months and then wonder why I got the damn thing.

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Super Smash Bros. 4 and if one is made; F-zero and Star Fox. That's the only reason why I'll touch one. After those games come out, I am going into a long hiatus.

Popyman wrote:

If rumors are true that Sony and Microsoft's next consoles will have to be connected to the internet all the time and have no used games.

If that's true, Sony and Microsoft can kiss my money good bye. I will not put up with that and recent events in gaming is why I am losing motivation in gaming all together.



ChocoGoldfish wrote:

Actually. I would so pumped about the Wii U if it turned out to be innovative. Because that would be a first for Nintendo, and I would be curious, if nothing else.

If that's not a troll comment, I don't know what is

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NintendoMan wrote:

Ryno wrote:

NintendoMan wrote:

Ryno wrote:

F-Zero 3D.

Uh, we're talking about the Wii U here. All the F-Zeros since the SNES have been 3d.

Uh, really Sherlock? I am referring to stereoscopic 3D. I thought we were beyond having to specify that. But hey man, I invite you to check out Wipeout HD in STEREOSCOPIC 3D to give you an idea on rad F-Zero 3D could be.

I realize that, but there's no need for them to put "3D" in the title as it does make it sound like a 3DS game. Although a 3DS counterpart would be sweet.

I don't really care if they put 3D in the title or not. I want the option to play an F-Zero in 3D. That would be a nice selling point for yours truly.

ChocoGoldfish wrote:

I don't remember reading anywhere that the Wii U is going to me 3D-ready. Source please.

Here you go: "If you are going to connect Wii U with a home TV capabl...

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Good games at a reasonable price point though the recent Eshop pricing announcement for 3DS retail downloads doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence for wii u, hope E3 delivers because I haven't been this disinterested in a new nintendo console ever.



I would want a list of games coming outt hat I legitimatly want. I dont want to buy the console, then be in a drought of good games for it. At least 5 games in the first six months, and maybe one or two really good launch titles, and some solid games that would come out eventually. As of now there's Pikmin 3 and SSB4 (but I'll probably get that on the 3ds unless the WII U version really impresses me), so I'm gonna wait until E3

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Emaan1 wrote:

ChocoGoldfish wrote:

Actually. I would so pumped about the Wii U if it turned out to be innovative. Because that would be a first for Nintendo, and I would be curious, if nothing else.

If that's not a troll comment, I don't know what is

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This wouldn't neccesarily make or break my Wii U purchase decision, but I really hope we can transfer our Wiiware and VC games over.



3Dangerous3Dash wrote:

If it's a good game, I'd pay a lot for it. Maybe up to or possibly over $100.

I hear Neogeo is releasing a handheld maybe they can accommodate you.



idk. i am just not enthused about the wii u. i am playing more and more on my handheld (3ds). i am tired of buying consoles that only have 1 or 2 games that i want for a long time. i rather long for the old days when i awaited every rumor, went thru every statement put out with e fine-toothed comb for hidden gems of meaning.

it's probably just where i am in life right now.

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Quite frankly, the games!! No matter what the controller can do; if the games look un-interesting, then it's a no-buy for me!!

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Can I play pinball on it? When I found out the Marvel Super Heroes video pin collection would be a launch title, that was me sold (that and the fact that I'll be able to run my Wii games on it, so I don't end up with another white box under the TV).

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It's a Nintendo console. Nintendo's hooked me with all their great games I can't stand the thought of not playing Zelda, Mario, Metroid, (Hoperfully) Kid Icarus, Pikmin and more for 5 years.

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I-U wrote:

  • $300 for Wii U and tablet controller bundle
  • no more than $54.99 for retail games unless they are in bundles
  • Wii U shop at launch complete with some VC and UWare titles
  • Most games available for tablet play + headphone plug on tablet
  • new 3D Mario at launch or NSMB Mii (but with the requirement of five new world themes not seen before in the New Series)
  • Pikmin 3 at launch
  • no new Metroid title until one releases on the 3DS

That seams a little much. PS3/X360 cost $59.99 so I wouldn't expect it to be any less. Anything, I'd expect them to be MORE. The prices of the games are relative to the cost of producing the game, which we know is higher than the Wii due to Monster Hunter Tri (It was originally going to be a PS3 game but the cost of development made them shift to the Wii) so with the controller and all the other functions I would be too surprised to see it exceed the cost of making a PS3/X360 game.
If you can play it on the tablet like was shown with New Super Mario Bros. Mii it would become pointless to have all the bonus features because your using the tablet as a screen, the headphone plug-in on the tablet is possible but not likely, because a large amount of people wouldn't even use it because they have sound systems.
A 3D Mario is possible, but New Super Mario Bros Mii is unlikely and it having bonuses is likely but not %100.
A new metroid could come to that console first, easy. The 3DS has solidified itself as a console that plans on staying on the market but the Wii U hasn't so it will need the title more.
Overall, you sound like you want another portable from Nintendo with the headphone jack, the tablet-instead-of-tv support for all games and a lot more of what you've mentioned.

My SD Card with the game on it is just as physical as your cartridge with the game on it.
I love Nintendo, that's why I criticize them so harshly.


3 Nintendo games at launch, and not no Steel Diver or Pilotwings i want Pikman 3, Mario, Kirby or Donkey Kong. and about $300-$350 for WiiU

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A game that I absolutely cannot live without playing. For the Wii, that was Super Mario Galaxy and those are some big, big shoes to fill.

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