Topic: What will be the "selling point" for you?

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[I hope this isn't an existing topic]
What will be the main reason you buy a U? Will it be the tablet, HD, the promise of third party games, or something else? (please don't post a response if you know you're not going to get one.) For me, I'm in love with tablets and can't wait to uses it, plus FINALLY having HD graphics on a Nintendo console.

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It's Nintendo's next console, that's all I need to know.
Already paid $300.


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F-Zero HD with decent online play, assuming Nintendo doesn't somehow miss the boat here.

Also, I'll bet you no one here will say the third party support.

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★ Its Nintendo's next console.
★ HD
★ Touch screen
★ HD
★ Launching with online shop
★ HD
★ New games
★ HD
I think you know the main reason

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Good games, $300 or lower price, and the option to transfer your VC and WiiWare collection to the Wii U.



good video games

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

good video games

This. So far the Wii U's lineup of upcoming games isn't that interesting but there'll probably be a lot of Wii U announcements at e3 so there is a possibility that I'll decide to get it near launch.


4th party support

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The software lineup. I bought my Wii around launch and it essentially was a dust collector for about a year. The Wii U is at least getting a year into the lifespan before I even consider buying it.

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HD Nintendo console. Finally. I tried hooking the Wii up to our HD TV and it looked horrible (IMHO). So it's been connected to a CRT TV in a bedroom for years where it looks fine. It'll be nice to have a console in the living room at last.

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Decente online play, trophies/achievements and the type of community will also be (reaaally) interesting to see. A new Starfox game counts too.



Nothing. I'm not buying it.
my parents are

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If rumors are true that Sony and Microsoft's next consoles will have to be connected to the internet all the time and have no used games.

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Ace Combat, Metroid, Smash Bros., Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Contra, and a new Retro Studios game. Could care less about Nintendo Network unless Nintendo really amps up the functionality.

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